Business news : Hush Puppies Collaborates with Vibram in FIVE Minimalist Line

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Hush Puppies and Vibram have collaborated to introduce Five from Hush Puppies, a fashion-forward collection of men's shoes that blends the known comfort and performance of the popular Vibram FiveFingers inspired outsole with a fashion-forward Hush Puppies upper.

The outsole is based on Vibram's hugely successful FiveFingers design, but frames the foot and places a classic dress shoe or boot silhouette on the upper. Five will include vintage whiskey distillery displays at retail with distressed whiskey crates and barrels to create a sophisticated yet slightly rogue look and feel. The Renegade man is the personality of the Five consumer and this persona will be highlighted throughout the marketing assets of the collection. Five will be available at www.hushpuppies.com and at select retailers this September.

"This partnership sprang from a concept that Vibram owner Marco Bramani had been thinking about," says Dani Zizak, vice president of global marketing for Hush Puppies. "He had personally created a one-of-a-kind Vibram shoe for himself to wear to more formal occasions. The idea seemed like a natural fit for the Hush Puppies brand, and it became an instant marriage of two brands. Marco and his team have been great to work with to deliver this exciting product to the men's market. We are coining the consumer our 'renegade' gentleman, a character that came about organically as we worked out the design and packaging, which has a rogue look and is very exciting."

A hybrid of form and function, Five is engineered with an anatomical Vibram FiveFingers-inspired sole designed to fit the natural contours of the foot for ideal fit and comfort. Grooved channels in the outsole allow for a high level of flexibility. This collection will introduce three silhouettes, the Brogue5, a classic wingtip design, Boot5, a wingtip boot, and the Base5, a casual loafer. All dress styles sit on a performance outsole that is flexible and comfortable with surprising bright colors. Distressed leather and suede uppers with a collapsible heel in the shoe profiles add a touch of distinction.

Designed to deliver the story of Five at retail in an innovative manner, key retailers will display Five product with distressed wood boxes which are based on a vintage whiskey crate design. Additionally, the Five campaign will unfold at retail with an interactive iPad presentation which includes the Renegade gentleman story, product imagery and its unique technology story.

The collection will be marketed to the 'Renegade' man taking each shoe's distinct look and giving it a personality, the Gentleman (Base5), the Professional (Brogue5) and the Rebel (Boot5). Hush Puppies will work these personas into the marketing of this product via a microsite on the Hushpuppies.com website, at retail and through marketing assets.

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