Business news: Jack Martinez and His Black Flys Are Back!


 Jun 18, 2012 Author: Mike P ( sbcbusiness.com )

You may remember Black Flys from the snowboard, skateboards days of the 90’s. This brand made a name for itself by putting porno-esque females in ads, throwing massive parties and sponsoring legendary pros in snowboarders and skateboarders. The brand started back in 1991 and due to the global shit storm it was sold back in 2008. Owner Jack Martinez sold the brand to Carrozzeria LTD in Japan for a lousy $1.5 million. The brand continued to function but on a lesser more conservative level.
Now it’s 2012 and the brand has since hired Martinez back. Under his direction they are re vamping the glory of yester-year while putting a new spin on an industry that Martinez say is stale.
They have their work cut out for them. Back in the 90’s Oakley dominated eyewear. It still does today but they also have brands like Von Zipper, Electric, Spy, Dragon and probably two or three others that have formed in the last five minutes.

For more info read the Martinez interview in OC Weekly.

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