New product :Recycled golf balls

The different product categories and classification Replay Golf used are designed to accommodate the preferences and needs of all types of golfer.

In the practice of golf, a golfer of a certain level does not always use the same golf ball.
It is not just a ball for a prize, a ball to practice some bunker or Green, or training for a ride.

Recycled balls are balls obtained from different points on the golf course. Among them include areas of shrubs and weeds as well as the lakes of those fields. Facilitates their collection preservation of the countryside and the environment.

The balls are processed in different ways by different companies or individuals engaged in uptake. No talk of competition or publicly known systems, but of ours so that you know specifically the characteristics of the product you receive from we.

The balls are collected properly for our divers, or even bought from other divers and employees of golf courses. Regardless, all are processed in the same manner to ensure proper classification:

• Enter into our train washing and drying (no lye or similar chemicals that damaging the outer layer of the ball)

They are classified by Make, Model and Quality. (See Manual Grades)

Only in this process in the Premium ranges Top Eagle and Birdie (See Manual Grades) Separate grades for sale "AAA / A" and "B", all others are sent refinished / repainted. In Range Under Par qualities are "AAA / A", "B" and "C" as they are balls and there is less price sector Golfers who do not care that the ball is yellow or with imperfections, just looking for the best price.

• At this time the balls are separated Recycled (original) of which will be Refinished / repainted.

More infos and contact :  http://www.replayballs.eu

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