Trade shows : China Beijing International Dive Expo 2012

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China International Exhibition Center
June 20-22, 2012

And most of the new recreational sports industries, dive industry started in China is currently in the rapid development stage. With China’s urban residents consumption level, dive into the stage of rapid development in China, China’s huge market potential dive industry, the international businessmen have invested in the attention, CIDE-China 2012 Beijing International Dive Expo as China and Asia dive industry is an important business platform for the development of China’s dive market plays a further role.

CIDE-China 2012 Beijing International Dive Expo is designed for dive, water sports and sea adventure industry and professional diving exhibitions held,Is the world’s dive industry-related businesses to seek cooperation, expand business, commercial platform dive enthusiasts a comprehensive understanding of trends in the annual exchange of learning channels,Hundreds of exhibits on show are reflected dive industry, tourist attractions, water sports apparel and other latest developments within the industry,The same period in the show, the organizers in addition to dive Industry Development Forum held in China and underwater photography exhibition, will also hold Diving Experience,CIDE-China for the exhibitors and diving enthusiasts are not limited to the services provided by the show three days,CIDE series of marketing activities on the most vivid introduction to the public in the form of recreational dive as the Beijing International Exhibition of special events, one of the dive tour experience,Beijing and other places in colleges and universities, commercial districts, fitness clubs and private clubs and other places held more than free dive experience.

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