New Product: Mobiky 16 Youri e-bike

Source Ecox.fr

Your home to the bus, bus to subway, subway to work, from work to self, self to the boat, the boat on camels ... No more humdrum, you vehicle and uses your vehicles. It is transported as it transports you to you to imagine the life that goes with it!

Not only is ecological Mobiky electric, fast, effective and original ... but in addition, once transformed, it is elegant and alert!
The Mobiky Yuri meets all the challenges of contemporary society: race for time, environmental issues, fun, well-being ... Its revolutionary design enables it to keep going even folded.

This version with 16 "wheels is a bit bulkier than its little brother but it offers more stability at higher speeds. It is this version we recommend the choice of a Mobiky electric.

The advantage of Mobiky Yuri is that it can carry around especially since it can run even while being bent.

 Folded Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 30 cm

More infos and  e-shop : http://www.mobiky.com

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