Web news : Ride Snowboards Unveils New Website

SportsOneSource Media     Posted: 6/20/2012

Ride Snowboards has revamped its website with a host of new features, including a avatar for modeling outfits and Pinterest buttons that let customers share images of their favorite gear.
“We’ve done a complete overhaul of our site to give it a great look and feel that translates into a more improved and engaging experience,” said Casey Raymer, Ride Snowboards global marketing manager. “In addition to the layout and numerous new features we’ve incorporated into the site, we also have our full 2013 product line online now so people can check out what’s new.”

Starting with the homepage, Ride has reworked the appearance, feel, and functionality to make any seasoned web-surfer stop in their tracks. Navigating around the site is breezy and simple with a drop-down Mega Menu on the top of the page that let’s you check out Ride’s full head-to-toe product offering with easy flow, to the enhanced product pages that offer better filters, increased video content, Ride team rider insight, shop-by-color outerwear options, and the ability to compare products side-by-side.

A couple enhanced and refreshed features include: “Pick Your Fit,” which allows you to dress up a ‘snowboarder-equin’ to pick out your perfect classic, slim, or tailored outerwear set-up. Another feature is the “Ride Total Shaping” tool that helps you narrow down your options in the hunt for the ideal snowboard shape and model to compliment your riding style.

Beefing up its social media functionality, the new Ride website has added suaveness with Pinterest and Google + buttons on every product page; in addition to the mainstay Facebook and Twitter features. Plus, the Ladies’ Collective Blog and new Ride Blog are your one-stop portals for news, team updates, rider Twitter and Instagram feeds, events, new products, media placements, Ride with Us episodes, P.S. (from Hana Beaman) episodes, plus more.

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