New Product :Ped Products Offers the ActionCam to Cyclists to Capture Evidence for Accidents Involving Motor Vehicles and Bicycles

Orwell's 1984 has come and gone, but capturing everything and anything on video is here to stay. Small wearable video cameras are being used to capture the evidence needed to track down hit and run motorists. 

Rochester, NY  June 28, 2012 

Now that cycling season is in full swing, more and more serious riders are looking for a small, lite weight video camera to capture events that might occur during their rides. The ActionCam meets that need. PED Products intends to make it even more affordable as they announce a 20% price reduction on the ActionCam for the remainder of the summer.

Small Sport Action Video Cameras are finding their way into all parts of our lives and society. The upside of these small versatile cameras was documented this past April, when a cyclist was riding with a friend in the streets of Berkeley, California and was struck by a car and the driver fled the scene. The video from the friend's bike was reviewed and analyzed and they were able to make out a license plate number and track down the motorist.

These very small cameras, like the ActionCam, which is not much larger than the size of a cigarette lighter, are capable of capturing HD quality video and audio. All this in a self-contained package, and cost around $120 ready to use. Based on the video mentioned above and the damage that was done to a bike that could cost in the $5-10K range, cameras like the ActionCam can be "Priceless". The ActionCam also has a user configurable setting, which allows the video to be set up in "loop" recording mode. In this mode, when the memory becomes full with video, it will start to overwrite previous recorded video. Based on the size of the memory card used, i.e. 4g = approx. 1:10 minutes of video, the user would always have the last 1:10 minutes of video saved. The ActionCam can also be externally powered via Extender Battery etc. A generator package is also being developed for indefinite recording.
For more information on small Sport Cameras like the ActionCam, contact PED Products or visit their website


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