Business news : Vibram USA's Tony Post Steps Down

Vibram USA Inc. announced the planned resignation of President and CEO Tony Post, effective July 7. Current Chief Operating Officer Mike Gionfriddo will assume relevant leadership responsibilities and become President and CEO of the company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vibram S.p.A of Italy.

In 11 years under Post’s leadership, the Vibram USA business grew nearly fifty-fold, its brand reputation became synonymous for innovation and creativity, and the company won numerous industry awards. Gionfriddo brings more than 14 years of experience with the Vibram brand to his new leadership position.

“This was not an easy decision for me to make. I’ve really enjoyed working for Vibram and leading such a dedicated and hardworking team, and I’m so proud of all we accomplished over the last 11 years.” said Post. “I am deeply grateful to the entire Vibram organization and to the retailers and customers throughout North America who have supported our brand and helped Vibram develop and broaden the category of minimalist footwear. We could not have experienced such growth, or received such broad recognition as an industry pioneer, without belief from our staff, retailers, and the dedicated advocates of the brand.”

“Many people know Tony as a product and marketing innovator, but those of us who work with him on a daily basis respect him most for his vision and leadership,” said Gionfriddo. “Tony not only expanded and invigorated the Vibram sole business, but he also – at a time when few believed in Vibram FiveFingers for fitness and running – articulated a vision, created belief, and empowered a team to build a successful industry-changing business and category. We will all miss his leadership, insight, and support.”

“Although the Vibram brand means so much to me personally and professionally, I believe now is the right moment for me to move on,” Post said. “In my time at Vibram, we built a movement that captivated the footwear industry and genuinely changed the lives of runners, fitness enthusiasts, and consumers around the world. After such an amazing experience, I’m now looking forward to the next adventure. I wish Mike Gionfriddo and the Vibram worldwide organization continued success in the future. It’s a great team and I’m sure the brand will continue to succeed.”

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