New product : Neil Pryde Wizard sail 2013

Introducing the Wizard

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest addition to our range and the first preview of our 2013 Collection, the Wizard.

NeilPryde design centre and freestyle world champion, Steven Van Broeckhoven joined powers to dream up the Wizard – the ultimate sail for new school freestyle riding. More power, more response and more air. Easy to handle, early planing and a lot of drive. You lead and it will follow. Works like magic.

Marco Leconte, NeilPryde Brand Manager:

"Our focus for the last few years has been on the wave, and race sails. When we teamed up with Steven it was evident that the freestyle sailing market had increased significantly and there was an opportunity for us to design a sail that was built for pure freestyle riding. Steven spent a great deal of time on Maui, with our designer Robert Stroj, adjusting and fine-tuning the Wizard until both were happy with its performance. We are all extremely pleased with the result and looking forward to Steven competing on the Wizard."

Main features:

Four battens up to 5.7. Keeps the sail weight to a minimum for optimum performance.

Tetoron luff-panel: combined with a narrow sleeve allows the sail to transition from neutral to maximum lift in the shortest time.

Even shaping throughout the sail body extending all the way to the top makes the Wizard extremely fast planing and gives it instant lift during moves.

Center-oriented profile makes for the best combination of low-end power and control.

Designer quote:

 "The increased curve in the upper luff gives good power and sail body tension while keeping the leech relatively tight and stable. This provides a constant pull throughout the sail allowing the sail to float neutral during ducking maneuvers, having good leech tension during clew-first moves and transition instantly during combination moves."

Robert Stroj

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Website :  http://www.neilpryde.fr

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