New products : Australian Artist Beastman Collaborates with Element on New Collection

Press Release:
Element is proud to introduce the Element x Beastman Collection. Beastman is an artist out of Sydney, Australia, who draws his inspiration from the beauty and symbolism in nature; pairing geometric patterns, and organic lines to create a truly unique product.

Naturally, the collaboration fit just right, and we are stoked to show off the new collection.

Video Courtesy of The Hours

Last month Element Advocate Beastman & Jae Copp completed the first mural for The Hours Tower Mural Project at The 4217 in Surfers Paradise, Australia.

Curated by The Hours, the ongoing art project aims to bring well known Australian artists to the Gold Coast to collaborate together using the three storey high lift-shaft at The 4217 as their canvas, providing Surfers Paradise with a truly unique large scale and evolving piece of public art.

To learn more about BEASTMAN, checkout beastman.com.au

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