Business and retail news : X-Bionic open its first store in France

X-Bionic Munich Store
Founded in 2003 and marked on the market for sports contention, especially triathlons or Iron Man, the X-Bionic Swiss brand gets a French window. The partner of the brand, the Italian Trere Innovation has chosen the future outlet upscale One Nation Paris, scheduled to open its doors on December 4th for its first store in France.

X-Bionic put on a premium positioning. Its parent company, X-Technology which also includes brand footwear X-Socks and supplements X-Nutrio, highlights its technical innovations and prices regularly received for them. If the running and cycling are the main categories, the company has developed products for winter sports or outdoor. It has already opened stores in China but also in Salzburg and Munich recently. And provides openings in Milan and Oslo.

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