Business news : Black Crows skis wants to grow !

Part of a single project between friends freeriders in 2006, the brand today is an international development while maintaining its authenticity and originality that made ​​its success in France . It has also launched its first freeride sticks .

It is the story of two French freeriders from Chamonix who are tired of not finding the right skis for us . So they decided to create it themselves.

Thus begins the story of Black Crows , a company born in 2006 of complicity two freeriders Jaccoux Camille, Bruno Compagnet and Christophe Villemin . In the winter of 2007, three friends released their first ski . Immediate success. Five years later, the company posted a turnover of one million euros. In February , is expected to reach € 2.2 million.

The main activity of Black Crows today is designing skis. Production is outsourced.

"The legitimacy of our product is that it was created by two pros skiers themselves users who have chosen innovative graphics with very offset from the rest of the ski market visuals ," says the Director General, Cédric Charbin .

Black Crows is specialized in the freeride and managed to build a customers network both trendy and demanding . Through its partnerships with Lacoste and Colette , she has a young image is present on the slopes with his ambassadors to test its equipment , and organizes every year Chamonix Black Weekend , a community event where electro music is as important as the ski .

This year is a turning point for the company, which grows. End of 2012 , it employed three full- time in late 2013 , we move to new employees.

Black Crows has also launched its first freeride sticks . "Of our 100 outlets in France , 30 % agreed to reference the sticks this winter . It is unusual to have a high first year acceptance rate , it is a proof of confidence in the brand, " still provides Cédric Charbin .

New investors rush to get the brand to the next level , which translates into a fundraiser in 2013 which led to the hiring of a chief financial officer and Cédric Charbin the new CEO came from Wolverine Worldwide group .

"We want to position themselves internationally, where hiring an export manager in Austria. 50% of turnover is made in France , the remaining 50 % are spread over 16 countries. We target Austria, France , Switzerland, the three countries of skiing in Europe. Still not present in Canada and USA , it is hoped that the keys that made ​​the success of the brand in France there walk . "

Development yes , but without losing the DNA of the brand : "Our goal is not to have 20 or 30% market share , it is to keep the exclusivity of users. There is room for large and small brands , "says Cédric Charbin .

About Black Crows

Activity : design and branding skis Creation: 2006
Turnover: € 2.2 million ( forecast in February 2014 ) Employees: 9 employees
Earnings : NC
Allocation of capital : the three founders hold 67% , 40% for Christophe Villemin , 30% and 3% investors various small holders
Website : www.blackcrows-skis.com/

By Pauline MOISY through ledauphine.com

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