Business news : The French Shipyard, Alubat boats always stay .

Thursday, November 21, 2013 - The observation period  of the yard, in receivership , is extended by one month . In the small town of Sables d'Olonne , the tension rises .

"It 's been months that takes us to pawns ! " employee said.

 Alubat yesterday at the Commercial Court of La Roche -sur- Yon. For the second time , judges have extended the observation period , ongoing since September. The 62 employees of the shipyard, located near Sables d'Olonne , will have to wait until December to be fixed . In the meantime, two offers will be considered . Between 14 and 25 employees could be resumed. "We will do everything to improve the records ," suggests the administrator.

Renowned in the world of sailing boats with aluminum and beefy performance , designed for enthusiasts and adventurers , the company is in receivership since September. The "little brother" Alloy, in Morbihan, has already closed in late 2011 , with 23 employees , a year after its takeover by CEO Alubat .
At Château d'Olonne since the activity has experienced ups and downs . But this summer , periods of partial unemployment rose sharply .

"For three weeks, it's empty ," says one employee. A largest model is awaiting finishing . "We do not have the raw materials. It would take several hundred thousand euros. "

The first offer is that of an individual who has reviewed his case slightly higher . He would bring € 80,000 . The second combines a group of clients and investors. They would put € 150,000 and would keep 25 people. Both commands are in progress, and . "The first to be finished in June , calculates a business . How to make it in this period to 25 ? " Others wonder with what money ... And revive construction salaries , already reduced due to unemployment .

"They will be paid in two installments in November , summarizes the administrator. The company runs without cash. We can not even extend the deadline . " Resigned, the employees themselves , waiting for the ax :

" Merry Christmas ... "

By MARIN Matthew and Patrick GUYOMARD through ouest-france.fr

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