Business news : Beneteau Group takes advantage of a favourable context to strengthen its global position byexpanding its offer in its full range of products.

Oceanis 38
The Beneteau Group , the market leader in craft, builds on a foundation of solid growth, centered around its world leadership in sailing and motor development of a suitable offer to the international market . Reorienting its strategy in 2010 to a range of boats larger and conquer emerging markets, including motor yachts , he managed to cross the economic difficulties of the global marine market .

The year 2014 stands as the first year of growth in the global market since the crisis occurred during the 2009 season. The Beneteau Group intends to take full advantage of this new situation, with an expanded offering that meets both the needs engine that sail boaters in all countries .

Beneteau brand has gone through more than a century of history because it has constantly innovate and keep intact its identity and ambition, constantly evolving through the ages . A Sailing Oceanis 38 sailboat new revolutionary concept , the Oceanis 38 is available in three worlds , DAY Sailer , WEEKENDER , CRUISER , to grow with the desires and needs of the boater . He chose the initial configuration and can add or subtract items. Onboard navigation is freed from unnecessary constraints . The engine , the NEW MONTE CARLO 4: first range in size, MC4 , new model of 43 feet , has the advantages that make the success of his elders, with a sleek and elegant design, highlighted by a huge flybridge. Philosophy Monte Carlo is available on the main deck with perfect continuity between interior and exterior spaces . With three new engine models presented in 2013 - 2014 , the range outboard Flyer, established in 1980, is renewed with an ultra- innovative design, inspired codes of the automobile. The first model, the FLYER 6 provides a solution to every dream navigation Dayboat with three versions of bridge : Space Deck, Sun Deck and Sports Deck. Launched in December 2013 at Nautic Paris .

56 years and over 100,000 ships that sail the oceans , the Jeanneau brand offers the best in boater , whatever its way to navigate . Navigation at sea, luxurious or family cruising , sailing recreational fishing, walking ... imagine Jeanneau boats and sign. In sailing, the Sun Fast 3600 , the new addiction " Signed Jeanneau " thanks to its powerful and lightweight hull chine , its twin rudders and lead keel , the new Sun Fast combines speed and directional stability at all speeds , for sailing solo, double or crew! In sailing, the Jeanneau 64 Jeanneau Yachts new flagship will be launched in the spring. Born of a collaboration between Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch, it has a bridge design and contemporary style interiors signing a luxurious life aboard. Motor: LEADER 38 presentation premiered at Cannes, shows and current performance , and has the best of contemporary design influences to a great harmony on board (...) > read more : www.beneteau-group.com

About the BENETEAU Group

World number one sailboat builder , monohulls and multihulls , the Beneteau group continues to grow in the market for motor boats, which is one of the leading global players. On both sail and powerboats, the BENETEAU, Jeanneau, Lagoon , Prestige offer a range of more than a hundred models from 20 to 60 feet. The group has one of the most prestigious names in the construction unit of luxury yachts : CNB . It extends its offering in the field of motor boats over 15 meters with Prestige Yachts and Monte Carlo Yachts . The Group is also a leader on the European market with its leisure home O'HARA and IRM brands and develops on the residential housing market with high environmental performance. With the design and manufacture of timber frame houses , it aims to make available quality housing that meets the requirements of sustainable development.

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