New products : Art of Craft Launches its Second Collection Celebrating the Craft of Photography with Tim Hogan to Benefit the Surfrider Foundation

NOVEMBER 20, 2013 (Santa Barbara, CA) –Today, Art of Craft unveils its second limited-run collaboration with celebrated artist, Tim Hogan and his groundbreaking visual exploration of the surfboard fin in theFINproject.  Hogan, a Los Angeles-based professional photographer made waves in 2012 when he combined his experience behind the
lenswith his passion for surfingto create the theFINproject, a photo installation, book, gallery and documentary dedicated to the surfboard fin and its impact on the sport. Hogan’s work showcases the surfboard fin, its design, origins, and physical attributes, in an equally stunning and revolutionary portrait series and photographic study.

Art of Craft has designed a nine-piece t-shirt collection inspired by theFINprojectin unique styles for men, women, boys and girls, all featuring images from the iconic Hogan photographs.  This special collection will be available from Nov. 20 – Dec. 17th at www.artofcraft.com and select Fred Segal locations. Six dollars from each sale will benefit Hogan’s charity of choice: The Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches. The foundation now boasts 90 chapters worldwide with 50,000 active members.

Proceeds from Art of Craft and theFINproject collaboration will directly impact The Surfrider

Foundation’s beach access efforts and the Open Martin’s Beach project, in particular. Martin’s Beach is a pocket beach just south of Half Moon Bay. It had long been open to the public until soon after it was sold in 2008; not long after the property changed hands, public access was denied. Currently, the San Mateo County Chapter and local allies are working together to Open Martin’s Beach to the public and to the families who have enjoyed it for generations once again.

To purchase a limited edition tee in the Art of Craft’s theFINproject collection, visit www.artofcraft.com.

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