Business news : France Boating market, year 2013 not so good...

The Fall 2013 survey among companies in the nautical sector in Britain ( France) reveals that 2013 was not good, with still some encouraging signs of recovery from last Spring .

178 business leaders responded to the seventh online survey was conducted in October 2013 with the following breakdown : - 16% of boat building , - 41% repair / maintenance / handling, - 19% suppliers / subcontractors , - 24% service activities / sales / rentals 90% of TPE less than 15 employees

More fear than harm , but not good either ...

The level of activity improved slightly compared to last Spring except for ¼ companies for causing some of them structural difficulties.

The performance of the company confirms as a factor of success or failure far more important than belonging to a professional category .

2013 a not so bad but not so good either.

Concerning Autumn 2013 feeling:

1/3 companies expressed a confident enough moral fall. At the same Spring , uncertainty is present for half of the sample. The percentage of CEOs do not have the moral remains relatively low. 1 1/2 years of observation, we find that the loss of morale is temporary because we do not find the same companies in these three surveys. All occupational categories are found in the same configuration for the distribution of ratios .

Compare Spring 2013 and Autumn 2012: 

We find that the morale of entrepreneurs is in the same configuration on the last 3 surveys conducted .

The Editorial Board Regional Chamber of Trades and Crafts Britain in collaboration with the Conseil Général du Morbihan, Finistère Yacht and Côtes d' Armor Development

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