retail news : Under Armour in China, Exhilarating Retail Theatre

American sportswear retailer Under Armour has centred its new Shanghai flagship store, opened earlier this month, on a dramatic multi-sensory experience. Shoppers access the store, which was created by New York design agency Hush, only after passing through two experiential spaces.

The entrance to the store consists of a 30-foot tunnel of light, serving as a kind of sensory decompression chamber, priming shoppers’ retinas for the second space – a 270-degree panoramic film theatre showing a constant stream of intense, strobe-filled sports visuals including running and weightlifting.

The designers at Hush say: “In order to take the Chinese market by storm, we designed the sensory-challenging space specifically to transcend cultural and language barriers, translating the Under Armour brand into pure sight, sound and form.”

The high-energy visual montage, coupled with surround-sound audio, aims to completely immerse consumers in the brand’s universe – before unleashing them into the rest of the experience. After viewing a six-minute film, shoppers move to a small darkened retail space to browse a curated selection of products.

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