Business news : Ochsner Sport expands in Germany

The Swiss sports dealers Ochsner Sport enters the German market. The first store is scheduled to open in New Ulm in March 2015.

The business of the Swiss will be based in the Glacis Gallery in Neu-Ulm city center. " Germany is an important market for us," says Steve Achenbach , spokesman and member of the Executive Committee. Ochsner Sport, which sees itself as the market leader in Switzerland , wants with his concept that successfully already about 90 branches functioning in Switzerland now also gain a foothold in Germany . The group plans to grow the careful and selective .

" The main reason for hiring in the Glacis gallery is in addition to the convenient location of the attractive product range and mix of industries . Moreover, there is in Neu-Ulm the largest alpine club in Germany , which benefits our interest in sport clubs and societies , " Achenbach explains. The shops of Ochsner Sport would be organized by subject, such as skiing , football, running, outdoor and bike.

Owner of Ochsner Sport is the Dosenbach - Ochsner AG Schuhe und Sport , based in Dietikon . The Swiss retail chain sells nationwide shoes, accessories and sporting goods. The doses Bach - Ochsner AG Schuhe und Sport maintains under the name Dosenbach , Ochsner Shoes and Ochsner Sport Shops . The doses Bach - Ochsner AG Schuhe und Sport turn part of the Deichmann Group , which is active worldwide in 23 countries and in turn referred to as Europe 's largest shoe retailer .

German source spomo.de

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