New product : Quechua ready to launch its smartphone on outdoor market

Brand of Decathlon Group invited the press to present its Quechua Phone 5 " on November 28 . Produced by the French Archos , the smartphone was tested by ten users since the beginning of September.

Successful test for Phone 5 Quechua . " Brand Oxylane Group, which owns stores Decathlon officially presented on November 28 this smartphone could therefore be found under the tree walker connected.

In June, The Digital Factory revealed that Quechua was preparing to release a touchscreen phone built for mountain sports. Splash resistant , dust and shock , it will have such an altimeter and a reinforced for extended use of GPS autonomy.

Confirmation early September with a full-size test launched in store Domancy ( Savoie) . Returns the first fifteen copies on sale for 230 euros would then allow Quechua finalizing its smartphone developed in partnership with Geonaute the Oxylane brand dedicated to new technologies, and produced by the French Archos .

Source usine-digitale.fr By Julien Bonnet

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