Business news : Valencell Licenses Biometric Sensor Technology to Consumer Electronics Company

Valencell, an innovator of sensor technology for mobile health and fitness, and Scosche Industries, an consumer accessories company, have partnered to introduce fitness monitoring products in 2014. The companies will unveil the wearable technology at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Jan. 7-10.

The products will be powered by Valencell's PerformTek Precision Biometrics, a licensable sensor technology that measures more real-time biometrics than any other fitness tracking technology. PerformTek sensor technology has been validated through clinical studies. Valencell, a Raleigh, NC-based start-up, holds 10 critical patents covering accurately measuring fitness biometrics through wearable technology.

"We're in a unique position in the marketplace as we help manufacturers bring highly accurate fitness monitoring products to market quickly and efficiently," said Valencell President Dr. Steven LeBoeuf. "Scosche has been a trailblazer in the space. We're confident our collaboration -- adding the high-precision biometrics provided by PerformTek to Scosche's product design - will be a hit with consumers."

PerformTek Precision Biometrics is a wearable sensor technology that analyzes blood flow and physical activity level to monitor the user's fitness biometrics, such as heart rate and other metrics. These biometrics can then be presented in a seamless, easy-to-understand format and used to help improve the wearer's health and fitness.

"The mobile fitness market is an enormous growth opportunity for Scosche," said Kas Alves, executive vice president of Scosche Industries. "Valencell's extensive research on the PerformTek sensor technology will enhance our best-in-class line of fitness monitoring products ultimately helping consumers achieve their fitness goals."

At CES company representatives will provide demonstrations of the PerformTek-powered products in both the Valencell (LVCC, South Hall #26509) and Scosche (LVCC, North Hall #3806) booths. The Scosche website will have a sign up mechanism for consumers who want to be contacted when the products are available for sale.

For companies, like Scosche, that are looking to gain share in the growing mobile health and fitness market, Valencell provides a three-part PerformTek licensing package including a sensor design, a DSP chip loaded with biometric firmware and an application programming interface (API) for partners to easily develop their own mobile fitness applications on virtually any mobile platform, including iOS and Android.

About Valencell

Founded in 2006, Valencell develops wearable fitness monitoring technology and licenses this technology to consumer electronics manufacturers, mobile device and accessory makers, sports and fitness brands and gaming companies for integration into their products. Valencell's PerformTek sensor technology seamlessly integrates into audio earbuds and other wearable devices, such as armbands and wristbands, and connects with smartphone apps people are already using while exercising. It measures more real-time biometric and physiological data than any other fitness monitor with a high degree of accuracy and consistency, and uses that data to give people meaningful health and fitness assessments. PerformTek is patent-protected by 10 granted patents and dozens of patents pending.

About Scosche Industries

Founded in 1980, Scosche Industries is an award-winning innovator of consumer technology and car audio installation hardware -- committed to delivering quality, value and unmatched customer service. Scosche finds inspiration in the local Californian lifestyle, culture, music and people. The designers and engineers at Scosche develop products that reflect a rich heritage in audio. These influences can be seen in the accessories and products that are now in the hands and vehicles of people stretched all across the globe.

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