Business news : Yachting, fold activity 27 % for the French Rodriguez Group

The French Big Yachts specialist announces a turnover of 56.746 million euros in the financial year ending TITTRE end of September , down 27% compared to 2012 .

The turnover of Rodriguez Group related to the sale of boats stood at 28.06 million , down 43%. Over the year, the company based in Cannes concommittants suffered two phenomena : the retrieval of old units sold in pre-season , which led to the fall of the occasion activity increased in one year 8.4 million euros CA 3.6 million and the non-realization of two important new yacht sales , still under negotiation.

The Society Services business, which includes sales compensation made ​​by Camper & Nicholsons , remains stable on it , generating a turnover of 28.7 million in 2013 , up 1%. In the last quarter of the year, the market was carrying 9.6 million turnover, against 8.6 million a year earlier.

The next financial information for Rodriguez Group will be published on 13 December, including the announcement of its annual results , and point to the date on discussions with its creditor banks and those relating to the treatment of its motion to amend the plan backup .

Source actunautique.com

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