Tradeshows news : DE, Euro Bike Demo Day 2014 pulls into the Exhibition Centre

To outsiders, perhaps surprisingly announced Euro Bike makers Messe Friedrichshafen , which is run each of the fair upstream distributors and media Testival Demo Day of Argenbuehl to Friedrichshafen. The decision to say goodbye to the beautiful scenery of the Allgäu region coincided with a laughing and a crying eye .

Ultimately, it was but made ​​in consultation with the exhibitors and their desire for " logistical facilitation ." 2014, the eighth Euro Bike Demo Day is on 26 August at the Exhibition Centre at the Exhibition Park Place East ( see also below will sketch) on the stage to go ...

As the person responsible for the Euro Bike Head Stefan Reisinger told the RadMarkt , have emerged in the last two years the desire of many exhibitors to move the demo day for logistical reasons closer to the show : "With the decision to Demo Day at the fairgrounds embarrassed we shopped us advantages and disadvantages . The decision was however clarified with the exhibitors. A majority was the logistical costs for the Demo Day in Argenbuehl simply too great. "

Facing the new Demo Day Location thinks the euro bike team that "the test conditions in the immediate vicinity , the bordering woods, on the roads and the surrounding streets around the fairgrounds very good" were . They would both visitors and exhibitors "significant logistical facilitation " offer .

The decision was certainly not an easy and - as the RadMarkt from initial reactions out reads - " quite understandable for exhibitors , visitors , however, very very sad ." So says also Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann , "We felt very comfortable in extremely Argenbuehl . " There, everything was fitted , terrain and surroundings were ideal.

As can be heard from Argenbuehl itself, where the entire community was behind this " big event Demo Day " , one is according to Mayor Joseph Köberle " very proud to be able to be six years hosting the world's biggest radtest events and wish the Demo Day on new location continued success . " However, the connection to the exhibition is not to completely tear down " happy to Argenbuehl and the Württemberg Allgäu present future The Bike - travel market , Holiday on Bike ' on the public day of the fair. "

The relocation of Demo Days has been inevitable , according to the Friedrichshafen fair . You came to the exhibitors in the literal sense " very accommodating ." Here are some of the benefits : " The stand at the exhibition center and the participation on the test day can be coordinated better and easier. The staff is not charged twice because of the short distance and then simplify many tasks for the companies that are quite busy the day before the fair starts normally . Both can be now better connect with each other . " Many exhibitors are convinced that Demo Day with this change of location can still use more growth potential. " The importance of the Demo Days increasingly resembles that of the euro bike itself - both are unique and top- studded events, as they exist in no other exhibition venue in the world ," says Euro Bike project manager Dirk Heidrich . More detailed information on Demo Day at the fair will follow soon .

By Jo Beck Dorff, throug Radmarkt.de ( Photos by c_g )

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