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Simon Lehman
The Swiss Elektroradhersteller Biketec AG continues its restructuring : After the enlargement of the Executive Committee in the spring is Simon Lehman  succeeding Kurt Schär as CEO, who will take care of the Board of Directors nor to strategic tasks. Quite we cede end of the month number two, the longtime director of product management Hans Furrer.

Simultaneously, the EGS Investments AG increased its financial commitment and is the majority shareholder . Biketec wants to be well prepared for the challenges of becoming ever more competitive electric market environment .

Kurt Schär is considered mediengewieftester makers of the Swiss bicycle industry . Yet he declared in Berlin before the assembled press his view of the questionable StiWa test. Now he stands by the unexpected announcement of his resignation himself in the spotlight. First of all: the attributable to this test worsening business environment (for the second time in a row less Flyers were sold ) , this step has nothing to do - he was obviously prepared long , ever since the beginning of last year, when the Ernst Goehner Foundation ( EGS) acquired a 40 percent stake Biketec . With the doubling of the management from the spring, the conditions were then created so that warping could hold a retreat in the eye. But he stresses, "This is not the finish, but only a role reversal - a free games for strategic tasks."

As of 1 March, he will be more concerned as a director again to the products development. " The new range presented in the autumn , Next Generation ' is just the beginning ," Schär can look through . The fact that he no longer , but Franz Studer acts as Chairman of the Board , is located on the Participation Agreement , which zuhält the new main owner EGS this position.

Because warping continue an office will have at the factory and because there is a rehearsed management team , should not be a disadvantage , the lack of knowledge of the industry of the new flyers pilots Simon Lehmann . His experience as CEO of Interhome ( Swiss market leader for holiday apartments and houses ) in new markets should help rather with the indispensable development of new export regions such as Scandinavia Biketec .

The end of November definitely say goodbye to Biketec looks as if PM Hans Furrer, as co-founder of the flyers collecting Biketec 12 years ago, the oldest companion of Kurt Schär. After a new art director and production manager were hired , he saw the right time has come to retreat.

It is worrying , however, that Biketec itself does not have this care it number two informed - apparently out of concern that by doing a false connection to the negative headlines this summer would be established .

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