New projest : Nautitech will launch a flybirdge catamaran with single bar position.

In the same time, the manufacturer will also launch a 541 Nautitech with a lounge bridge .

Reportedly, Nautitech , the French manufacturer of  premium sailing catamarans should be talked about with two models coming out trails until explored by site.

So far Nautitech had always based its commercial development around a customer sailors , enthusiasts, fans of the models characterized by two helm stations , located at the stern of the two shells models.

With success, the project was able to address new customers , mainly located in emerging markets , which no longer necessarily looking for performance but rather comfort, often leaving the steering a boat skipper.

This trend is actually materializes through two new Value models: a 542 with 2 bars but incorporating a lounge bridge unveiled in Miami, then in March 2014, with the launch of a 541 ( 1 bar on roof ) , with a flybridge .

Source actunautique.com

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