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Focus on business areas Tection and Textiles 

Unterföhring / Munich / Zittau – November 27th 2013 – From January 2014, Ploucquet GmbH will move all activities to the production site Zittau. In addition to the already existing business area “Tection”, the entire business area “Textiles” will also be operated in Zittau. By centralising all existing personnel resources, the affiliate of Sympatex Holding GmbH supports the old-established textile site Zittau in eastern Germany and is well prepared for the future.

The sectors of purchase, distribution and design & development of the Ploucquet business area “Textiles” have so far been located at the Munich headquarters of Sympatex Holding GmbH but will be integrated into the production site Zittau from 1st January 2014. Therefore, all 150 staff members of the two German Ploucquet business areas “Tection” (technical textiles and applications) and “Textiles” (fashion textiles) will be employed in Zittau next year. The division “Textiles” of Ploucquet, the market leader in Germany, supplies in particular premium menswear brands with lining, pocket lining and waistband products.

Patrice Morin has recently been named “Head of Business Development Tection” for the business area “Tection”. In this newly created position, the 53-year old is responsible for the positioning of Ploucquet as a leading brand in the sector of technical textiles for industrial applications. Among his responsibilities are guaranteeing a strong market and competition position as well as creating and expanding an international customer network in the areas of industry, automotive engineering and medicine.

“The focus on one site allows us to deal with increasing customer needs and a growing complexity of international markets even better,” explains Michael Kamm, CEO of Ploucquet GmbH, regarding this step. “Lower operating expenses and a higher efficiency regarding the use of existing personnel resources make it possible for us to join the market in a more focused and effective way from now on.

The business decision to support Zittau as a production site guarantees the ability to compete internationally in the short and long term and thus the economic success on a competitive market,” adds Michael Kamm.

The leader of the Sympatex Holding GmbH Group has recently been elected to join the chairmanship of the “Industrial Association of Finishing, Yarns, Fabrics and Technical Textiles” (www.ivgt.de). Michael Kamm also represents Germany at the “European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing” (www.textile-platform.eu) at the EU in Brussels.

About Ploucquet:

Innovative textile technology - made in Germany

The Ploucquet GmbH has been a competent and reliable supplier of textile solutions since 1806. As one of Europe's leading providers, Ploucquet develops, produces and sells innovative and ecologically responsible textiles on a global scale for fashion as well as technical markets. Our finishing, coating and lamination capabilities are distinguished by technical competence and offer a variety of processing options that create new areas of application. When processing fabrics, machine-knits and non-wovens, our core competencies are in pretreatment, dyeing, dressing, printing, finishing, coating and laminating.

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