Business news : The Swedish Nimbus Boats bankruptcy: butchering begins !

Nimbus 365 Award European Power Boat 2012
Nimbus boats (Nimbus, Paragon, Storebro), which builds yachts since 1977, belongs to the fund Altor Equity Partners.

Its headquarters are in Göteborg, production Vimmerby, and Tingsryd Mariestad. For three years, renowned Swedish site, has accumulated debts for approximately 500 MSEK due to the steady decline in demand. Placed into liquidation in July, the group now fight for survival.

A dozen bids have already been issued by Swedish and foreign buyers, raising hopes in the Group's employees. Among interested buyers, the Finnish group Bella.

Then thunder, a Chinese consortium is also shown, but given the late submission of tenders (until August 13.), With 50 billion crowns to win in China know-how of the site . Alas, the Chinese demanded three weeks time ...

Today ActuNautique just learned that the first part of Nimbus groups, Ryds plant was sold to Ryds Batar, who will continue the business of building and selling small boats, but not the trading .

Recall that the group that won a European Power Boat 2012 for Nimbus 365 coupe earlier this year, employs nearly 200 employees.

To be continued ...

( French source www.actuanautique.com )

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